The CIO’s moments through the surge of COVID – 19

Even though the COVID-19 epidemic is essentially a human calamity, technology has come to the forefront of the fight against this. It seems organizational strength may have faced its toughest test in history.

CIOs are currently fronting the hardest tests of their profession. Organizations are experiencing operational breakdowns, denial-of-service attacks, and as result sites are going down due to high hits. Although companies are struggling to cope with these additional unexpected challenges, it now seems clear that CIOs are playing a very pivotal and crucial role to keep the lights on in this catastrophe.

We surveyed CIOs of large enterprises globally. Based on discussions and understanding in supporting companies steer previous economic challenges, CIOs need to concentrate their efforts on the following ten major initiatives over the next three months:

Given many things are still ‘Unknown’ to us, how businesses respond to the necessities of a new workforce and customers will probably set the path for the future of the business. However, this is the blaze of glory for all who are going to go the extra mile to balance the operational and strategic objectives and lead with example.